The obligations of a business as an employer can be very daunting, but Virtual Bookkeeping can manage everything for you. From processes and costs to accounting calculations, we will aid you at every step of payroll accounting.

As a payroll service provider, we will:

  • Advise if an employee shall be added into the payroll or not.
  • Calculate the net pays of the employees.
  • Provide you with the pay slips that can be directly forwarded to the employees.
  • Identify the applicable tax deductions, even if the employees are on sickness, maternity, or paternity leaves.
  • Track the work hours and leaves of the employees, so as to provide a better picture of their efficiency.
  • Ensure that the all your employer’s deductions are paid on time so as to relieve you of the penalties and fines.
  • Prepare the expenses and benefits forms, and notify you of the requirements associated with filings.


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